What we do

At Borametz, we’re dedicated to helping organizations perform at their best, no matter how challenging the environment. We work with clients across a variety of industries throughout Spain and internationally to help them identify business opportunities and optimize competitive positions in national and overseas markets. We draw on hands-on, real-world experience to deliver high-performance solutions that can be executed successfully across the breadth of the organization.

Our mission

Our goal is to be a constructive force in the management world by working with organizations to ensure that heath and performance are not jeopardized by poor managerial choices. Click on our services to learn more and contact us to discuss how we can help you set a targeted course for new growth.

Our partners

Rodrigo Villamizar Alvargonzalez
Our Chairman and CEO, Rodrigo is an internationally accomplished expert in energy security and economic competitiveness. He has served as Colombian Minister of Energy and Ambassador to Japan. He has worked as an economic consultant with the World Bank and has authored several books on technology and competitiveness. Rodrigo lectures regularly at the University of San Diego and the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles.

Teresa García Peña
Managing director of Borametz Group, Teresa contributes years of experience in global markets. She has spent more than 20 years in strategic consulting and business development, including several years in the Directorate General for Competition at the European Commission. Teresa works with local and foreign companies to identify and create opportunities for their goods and services.

Camilla Miranda France
Our company’s Chief Image Strategist, Camilla helps individuals and companies to project the appropriate image, in the right context, in the most suitable way. She provides significant insight on image management perspectives and brings added value to clients with her knowledge of market dynamics. She has practiced her career in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, first as a talent scout and later as an image strategist.

The organizational structure of Borametz is based on its three pillars of operations:
Our Associates
  • A full service public affairs and marketing firm at the intersection of business, politics, and media, offering an extensive range of international, federal, and state government marketing relations services. With offices in Boston and Washington DC, the firm represents leading corporations and institutions with marketing, communications, legislative and regulatory concerns.
  • Affiliated to the Complutense University and sponsored by the Madrid Stock Exchange, IEB is considered to be Spain’s leading finance and business school, offering programs in the areas of international finance and banking, investment evaluation and financing management in banking, and nuclear and renewable energy projects. IEB works in association with the London School of Economics and the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • A US-based green-tech, renewable and traditional energy development, production and holding company, specializing in coal trade, enhanced oil recovery, geothermal energy production, and bio-fuel production. The company is committed to produce and market high availability/low environmental impact energy and energy related products.
  • Experts in the field of international corporate intelligence, IBK & LBR provides strategic, judicial, and financial integrated consultancy assistance for almost any kind of project. The European firm is comprised of legal professionals with extensive and proven experience in both the pubic and the private sector. IBK & LBR works closely with EF International Strategy of Madrid and Orkestra & Catedra de Energia of the Basque province in Spain.
  • A company with more than 29 years experience providing consulting services in electrical, electronic, civil, environmental, and mechanical engineering. Over the past two decades the company has been responsible for the completion of projects of all sizes and complexity for utilities, and industrial and commercial organizations in the entire American continent and Asia.
  • The Legacy Group is a Washington DC-based firm, providing strategic counsel to a select group of clients in the areas of project development and international, federal, and state government relations. Its seasoned team of experts drawn from government and the private sector assists domestic and international clients in structuring and financing projects. Legacy also offers an extensive range of services and solutions to many specialty industries.
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