Strategy Consulting

Our strategy consulting is about evaluating and executing successful business strategies and applications across all layers of an organization to optimize performance and management systems. Our unique Borametz methodology addresses the full range of options organizations need to be successful. We have applied our methodology (two books attest the results) to management assessment, planning, growth, productivity, innovation and organizational architecture of companies, cities and national governments.

Strategy consulting encompasses, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Corporate analysis of market perceptions
  • Strategic planning
  • Potential growth opportunities analysis
  • Identification of target audiences
  • Innovation and business design
  • Geopolitical and risk mapping analysis

Energy consulting

We generate detailed geopolitical analysis studies and assess the input/output matrix, energy efficiency, and energy intensity of companies and territories.

We understand and diagnose the impact of energy costs and how they affect the balance sheets of our clients. If oil is viewed as a factor of production, price increases are equivalent to higher production costs, and therefore reduce competitiveness. Energy security involves risk due to changes in quantity and price. We evaluate conventional energy risk (risk maps), and recommend measures that can be used by clients to reduce it.

Debt restructuring of Conventional and Renewable Energy and Management of Solar and Wind projects:

We have a deep understanding of the dilemma confronting both producers and consumers, regarding the type of energy that should be consumed. Cost factors, political and environmental uncertainty, supply security and technological factors can influence the competitiveness of an entity, whether public or private. Our experience with conventional and renewable resources, combined with an extensive history of relations with the electricity sector, enhance our consulting credentials.

Energy consulting encompasses, but is not limited to, the following services:

  • Support and assessment in Energy Security
  • Assessment of efficiency, intensity, dependency, technology and associated costs
  • Identification of macro and micro trends that can significantly affect a business or sector
  • Strategic analysis of the energy competitiveness of a company, sector or country
  • Support for quick solutions and crisis management due to energy prices, supply or strategy
  • Advice on the planning and management of energy resources/inputs of the client
  • Design of systems and decision-making and problem-solving processes
  • Asset management and debt restructuring

Market Development

We offer customized solutions for the formulation and implementation of business strategies for Spanish companies expanding their businesses into new markets. We use our network of companies and individuals to deliver tangible results to clients in a timely and efficient manner. We assist clients in creating and managing strategic relationships and partnerships with other organizations. Clients include companies that have recently become multinational, research institutions and government agencies. As a result, we are able to draw upon outside expertise, technology, and intellectual know-how to expand the business of our clients.

Product Representation At the request of a large number of start-ups, we have used our networking expertise to develop a service aimed specifically at helping companies in their crucial first years of operation in the international arena. We help clients identify and understand their target markets and competitors. Strategic positioning plans are developed jointly with the client, and include a detailed action plan.

We also offer product representation services to established companies seeking new brand strategies. Using our proven business methodology and approach, we provide representation for companies that wish to sell their brands in a given market, or expand their product base generally. We are focused on quality of service, and work with companies to create and deliver sound solutions specifically tailored to their strategic priorities and goals.

Financial Management

Borametz Financial is an integral part of Borametz Group services. We advise our clients on the benefits and tax advantages available with strong institutions in secure countries. We assist them in managing trusts, companies and other legally owned properties and investments. With changes to regulations on the exchange of tax information between countries, international investors need new financial structures. We advise investments in financial institutions around the world, while maintaining an emphasis on Spain and the European Union.

Our partners have joint responsibility agreements with Aguiar, iCapital and independent advisors. Signing participants of agreements are committed to helping clients transfer their financial assets and obligations to host options with very low to no taxation. Using a unique legal network that avoids double taxation agreements, we help clients find alternatives that come without real or reputational risks.

Borametz Financial handles:

  • Analysis and preparation of the report we provide clients
  • Implementation of asset relocation operations or entities in Spain and the EU
  • Management services for the client company
  • Accounting, board representation and investment planning
  • Financial advice and minimum tax investment options in Spain and elsewhere

Commissioned Artwork

The Borametz Collection represents a group of diverse artists who create commissioned, custom artwork and wall canvases for homeowners, businesses and municipalities. We help you to develop custom works of art for residential, commercial or public spaces regardless of location. We offer a group of unique artists that will adapt their creative skills to marry their work with the personal space you wish to beautify. We put together client and artist and work as gatekeepers to ensure a perfectly designed piece for your space.

How it works: One you’ve selected an artist from our collection database, we’ll discuss ideas, get an sense of the desired design, size, and space where the piece would be placed. We then provide you with a quote. Our art managers coordinate and oversee the entire process from alpha to omega.